Lady Mayumi's clone with the egg of next pixie king (the stolen treasure of the pixies) infused with her so that she aged faster than a normal clone in order to be sacrificed instead of Mayumi at the earth users' grand ceremony. Every 30 years the earth users must sacrifice one of their own to seal away a monster that their ancestors sealed long ago at the cost of their most powerful caster's life at the time. If the beast is released it will kill everything in its path. The earth users view of life, repeated by several different users, is sacrifice. Ren falls in love with Ayumi after listening to her sing at the end of episode 9 and tries to protect her from the other earth users that mistreat her and refer to her as property. Half-way through episode 10 it is shown how poorly the Tsuwabukis truly treat her when Mayumi's personal body guard/servant grabs her by her hair and repeatably slams her head into the ground. With the help of Kazuma and Ayano, Ren ends up freeing the beast and killing it in order to stop the cycle of sacrifice and protect Mayumi and Ayumi. Sadly, Ayumi's power is needed to defeat it and in the end Ren can not save her.