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Ayano wielding Enraiha

Enraiha (炎雷覇?, Blaze Lightning Supremacy) is a long sword wielded by Ayano. It is considered a powerful and fearful weapon. Supposedly, it was given to the Kannagi family by the Blaze Spirit King as a sign of their contract.


Enraiha is given to the future head of the Kannagi family upon winning the succession ceremony. It could be assumed Jūgo was the previous wielder of Enraiha before passing it to Ayano, who claimed the right to it by defeating Kazuma in the Succession Ceremony. 


The wielder of Enriaha is able to summon it on command. Should its wielder be disarmed, he or she can rematerizalize it back in their hand. In terms of raw power, however, it appears to be dependent on the wielder's level of power. Ayano has demonstrated this as when she had summoned the Crimson Flames, the flames of the sword responded and became the Crimson Flame. Kazuma's also demonstrated this to an extent as he combined his Contractor powers with Ayano to temporarily allow her, and thus Enriaha, to wield the Blue Divine Flame.

Trivia Edit

  • Enraiha is a wooden sword, though its appearance across media tends to differ a lot
    • The Anime portrays it as a wooden sword, even when it falls on the ground it sounds like a piece of wood
    • The Video Game portrays it similar to the Anime's, but gives it more of a metallic look
    • The Light Novel portrays it lacking the cross-guards and also gives it a more metallic look
    • The Manga's portrayal of Enriaha is the most unique; it is more metallic and is primarily a faded ruby. The cross-guards are less ornate and there is a gem at the center of the cross-guard