Kazuma using Wind Magic for combat

Kazuma using Fūjutsu



Fūjutsu, also called Wind Magic, is a style of magic in which the user utilizes the wind. Users of Wind Magic are most commonly known as Fūjutsushi (風術師, Wind Technique Practitioner). In the anime, the characters that can use Fūjutsu are Kazuma Yagami , members of the Fūga Clan, and the Wind Spirit King.

Wind Magic is most effective for reconnaissance, but Kazuma has proved Wind Magic to also be quite effective for combat. Unlike Enjutsu users, Wind users posses a faster summoning speed of the spirits. They are able to draw upon the wind spirits.

With Fūjutsu, Wind users are able to launch blasts of wind that act like blades which have been shown strong enough to cut through metal. The are also able to use wind spirits to create a barrier, either able to protect him from physical damage or reflecting light in order to become invisible. By using air currents, they are able to fly. With enough skill, one can manipulate electricity, since high speed wind friction creates static electricity. With Wind Magic, the users are able to conceal their presence and have greater skill at detecting elemental users.

The wind of purification, just like the fire of purification, has the power to exorcise yōma from their hosts or environment. The only person who can use the winds of purification in the series is Kazuma who had made a contract with the Wind Spirit King. Though not in the same league in terms of power of the fire of purification, the wind of purification has greater area effect than of that to fire.