Jūgo Kannagi
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The Wind Returns






En-Jutsu User

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Crimson Kannagi (Wife, deceased)
Ayano Kannagi (Daughter)
Genma Kannagi (First Cousin)
Ren Kannagi (Second Cousin)
Kazuma Yagami (Second Cousin)

Jūgo Kannagi is the current head of the Kannagi family and Ayano Kannagi's father, as well as the first cousin of Genma Kannagi.


As the head of the Kannagi family, Jūgo is responsible for directing the other members of the head family and branch families as well as the Fūga Clan.Therefore, compared to most members of the family, Jūgo is very calm and lenient. He is often portrayed calmly sipping tea. He treats all of the younger members of the family nicely, opposite to how their actual parents treat them.

Despite being the head of the family, Jūgo is easily one of the most humble members and in fact always disliked the family's tendency to look down on people who don't use En-Jutsu. Contrary to the typical Kannagi doctrine that places merit solely on strength in using fire, Juugo has been trying to stop discrimination against not only the Fūga Clan but the users of other jutsus as well. He also regrets not being able to stop Kazuma's expulsion from the family.

Juugo is also a very practical man, willingly agreeing to Kazuma's demands for money in spite of how selfish they are as well as attempting to get him and Ayano together, as he believes Kazuma's great power is essential to the survival of the family.


Over four years prior to the events of the show, Jūgo was involved in a traffic accident that claimed the life of his wife and took his leg. Because of the injury, Jūgo was forced to retire and the Right of Inheritance Ceremony was rushed. 


Prior to the show, it could be assumed Jūgo was a master at En-Jutsu because of his current status as the head of the Kannagi family. He wields the Purple Flame of Purification and was considered to be the strongest member of the family, though he gave up the title to Genma after losing his leg. It is implied that he wielded Enraiha before passing it to Ayano.


Ayano Kannagi- As her father, Jugo is tough on her as the other parents of the family are but he is significantly more lenient with her. He sees potential in her but wants her to slowly develop her abilities and maturity. He often plays matchmaker for his daughter by setting up Kazuma and her on missions.

Kazuma Yagami- Jugo is one of the few Kannagis who felt genuinely sorry for Kazuma during his adolescence. In the light novel, he admits that he feels that Kazuma's pain was partially his fault since the Right of Inheritance Ceremony was hurried up because of his accident. Upon Kazuma's return to Japan, Jūgo saw Kazuma taking up wind magic as a path to happiness despite the rest of the clan mocking him. Jūgo plays matchmaker for Kazuma to help strengthen his ties with the clan and to preserve the future of the clan.